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We've got advice to keep your body, mind and soul in perfect balance. Browse our health and wellness tips and get advice on everything from getting a peaceful sleep, banishing bad breath, getting in touch with your spiritual side and more.


What’s the number one rule of having and a friend with benefits? Don’t have your buddy be a secret crush. Pair your unrequited love with awesome... Read >>

Too much of something is never good...

It’s good to express yourself and to verbally let your partner know how much you care; if he’s important to you, tell him…but you don’t... Read >>

Sensitive Skin + Hot Water = No-No!

Women with dry skin often find themselves deprived of targeted products in the cosmetics aisle. But before arming yourself with an arsenal of moisturizing... Read >>

Fun way for kids to drink water

Want to encourage your kids to drink water? Fill an original ice tray (with shapes of stars, cartoon characters, etc.) with red cranberry juice and put... Read >>

Sugar Visualization

To make better health choices and lower your sugar intake, keep in mind that one sugar cube is the equivalent of five grams of sugar. So the next time... Read >>

Simple Sorry

If you and your man are the type that aren’t the most verbally communicative, find a new way to exchange words—without uttering them. To convey... Read >>

Earring Rack

Here’s a creative way of building a place to display and store all your earrings. Find an old frame and remove the glass and back. Then, tack a... Read >>
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