Corpse Pose

step by step

1For this posture, it’s essential that the body be in a neutral position. Sit on the floor with your knees bent, and your feet flat on the ground. Gently lie down onto your back, and keep your shoulder blades in contact with the ground.
2The spine is long and the back of the neck is elongated. The chin is slightly pulled in towards the thorax.
3The shoulders are grounded and the arms are stretched out on each side, about 15 cm from the body. The palms are turned towards the sky and the fingers are relaxed and slightly folded ontothemselves.
4The legs are completely stretched out on the ground, slightly wider apart than pelvis-width. They are open, and the feet turned outwards.
5With your eyes closed, relax and release all the parts of your body. You can also relax the sense organs: the tongue, nostrils, skin of the forehead, eyeballs, and skull. Savasana is a relaxation posture, but also one of integration.
6Hold this pose at the end of your session for 5 minutes per every 30-minute period of practice. Tocome out of the pose, roll onto your side upon exhaling and stay in that position for a few breaths.Then, pressing into your hands, come back to a comfortable sitting position. The head will come back up at the very end.


  • Calms the mind and helps to release stress.
  • Helps reduce blood pressure.
  • Reduces headaches, fatigue and insomnia.

contraindictions and warnings

  • Back injuries or discomfort: do the pose with your knees bent, and feet on the ground hip-width apart.
  • Pregnancy: Lift the chest with a cushion.

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