Fire Log Pose

step by step

1 Sit in Easy Pose, with your torso upright.
2 Place your right ankle over the left knee. The right foot should be in contact with the outside of the left knee. Slip your left ankle under the right knee, so that the shins are one on top of the other. Flex both feet.
3 Straighten the spine by bringing the torso up so that you are sitting straight on the sit bones. Upon exhaling, relax and bring the hips down.
4 Maintain the post for at least 1 minute. Inhale, keeping the back straight and uncrossing the legs to come out of the pose. Repeat for the same amount of time with the left leg.


  • Stretches the hips and groin.

contraindictions and warnings

  • Not recommended in the case of lower back or knee injuries.

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