Staff Pose

step by step

1Sit on the ground on your sit bones (or on a blanket if your legs are tense), with your legs stretched out in front of you. Put your weight on your pelvic bone towards the ground.
2Contract your leg muscles by pressing them towards the ground. Place your hands on each side of your hips and press into them to straighten out your spine. Keep your feet flexed.
3Lift your chest and look straight ahead, your chin towards your thorax. Relax your shoulders and pull in your abs.
4Imagine that your spine is a staff that is supporting you. It is firmly anchored into the ground. Hold the pose for one minute or more.


  • Improves general posture.
  • Stretches the lower back muscles
  • Stretches the shoulders and the chest

contraindictions and warnings

  • Not recommended in case of wrist or lower back injuries.

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