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Anal Sex How-To

Anal sex is easier and more pleasurable than what you think. Read on for information and tips in our beginner’s guide to anal sex.

5 Tips for Surviving a Dry Spell

Whether you’re still reeling from a break-up or are too busy to focus on dating and sex, dry spells can really (really) suck. We’ve got five ways that can help you survive until your next roll in the hay!

Can Bad Sex Get Better?

Sometimes it happens: sex between two people starts off grand and then, unexpectedly, it becomes less satisfactory. What happened? Did sweetie lose his great lovemaking skills? Are we no longer sexually compatible? Are we in a rut? These are some of the questions one may wonder about.

Double Whammy

During foreplay, you would normally never use a lubricant as a massage oil. (Ew!) You would also never ever use a warming oil down there.

Does a Longer Relationship = Less Sex?

So, you’ve been in a relationship for five years, and you’ve noticed you are in a sexual rut. Cue the couple next to you, together for three months and can’t keep their hands off each other. Is there something wrong with you? Should you be having sex more often?