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Friends with Benefits How-To

There are many reasons women enlist in a friend with benefits: whether they want to relieve a dry spell or just aren’t seeking a long-term relationship, a casual bedmate can sometimes be the perfect temporary solution. Want to get your fix, but don’t know how?

5 Hard Differences Between Men And Boys

So, you met this great guy and everyone likes him, but you find little things that feel wrong and you cannot tell if it’s you, or if it really is him. I have observed many relationships, and it’s actually embarrassing to see what some people put up with just to get by and avoid a sense of “being alone”.

One-Night Stand Safety Tips

Perhaps you’re determined to break what seems to be a long, torturous dry spell, or you’ve simply met a tall, dark and handsome stranger who beckons you over with his irresistible smile and seductive glance. Whatever the reason, one-night stands provide the ideal platform for a pleasure-filled tryst with no strings attached.

Love Advice: Then + Now

Some people who have offered us dating advice over the years have been the likes of our mothers, and even grandmothers. While some tips have been appreciated, others seem, well, like they just don’t apply anymore.