Does a Longer Relationship = Less Sex?

So, you’ve been in a relationship for five years, and you’ve noticed you are in a sexual rut. Cue the couple next to you, together for three months and can’t keep their hands off each other. Is there something wrong with you? Should you be having sex more often?

Debunking 3 Sexual Myths

Debunking 3 Sexual Myths

Whether between friends during GNO or pillow talk with sweetie, when it comes to sex, we are either very private about it, or simply don’t hesitate to open up when need be! We occasionally have questions, and get as much information as possible, but between opinions and facts, we must admit that we aren’t 100% certain on all matters of sex

Exotic Sleepwear

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, we must admit, we’re scouring lingerie stores on the web for the perfect piece that will get sweetie’s heart racing. What did we find?

A Recipe for Love

“Not tonight, I’m tired”. “No,I haven’t shaved”. “The kids will hear us!” We’ve all been faced with it at some point, the desire to escape our sweetie’s sexual appetite. If desire itself isn’t enough, perhaps your “excuses” can be dissuaded by certain pleasures on your plate!

Mimic that Post-Sex Feeling

When enjoying a healthy sex life, we are usually riding the happy-train. Why? Sex helps release endorphins, our body’s natural mood-boosting chemical. But what happens when we’re not getting any?

Love Advice: Then + Now

Some people who have offered us dating advice over the years have been the likes of our mothers, and even grandmothers. While some tips have been appreciated, others seem, well, like they just don’t apply anymore.

Alternative Approaches to Sex + Love

Western society is built on the principles of monogamy. For as long as we can remember, our lives have mirrored this very concept, as we, as well as those before us, lead romantic lives according to the notion that one person, “the one”, can satisfy our sexual and emotional needs during our lifetime.

Mindgasm: How to Think Yourself to Orgasm

The elusive orgasm: it fascinates its fair share of women! We analyze it from every angle, we look for ways to reach it faster and more intensely whether solo or with a partner. But is sexual climax necessarily a genital thing? Did you know that certain people can achieve orgasm by just thinking about it and without any physical contact?

Sexual Health Tips

Good overall health is important, but it is also smart to be sexually healthy! There are many ways to keep you safe, as well as ensure a happy sex life. We’ve got seven ways below.

Guide to a Good Blow Job

You don’t have to be Jenna Jameson to know that guys like receiving head. Going down on a guy may not be every gal’s cup of tea, whereas others may revel in it. But when one does choose to go downtown, it takes skill to ensure the act is pleasurable for both parties.