Pleasure Poses

Reverse cowgirl

Generally, this position calls for the woman to ride the man while facing him. However, it’s even more interesting if she faces away from him! This gives you the freedom to take control, and vary the rhythm of penetration as along with your pelvic movements.

The pliers

This is a position that creates deep intimacy and penetration. Lie on your back with your hips slightly raised, and your legs wrapped around your partner’s torso. He should be sitting, legs slightly extended and bending forwards. Why not take this opportunity to have fun


This is an extremely satisfying position that gives the man control over his movements, while opening up the possibility of caressing the body of his partner. Lie on your side so he’s spooning you. You can cross and uncross your legs to be closer, and

Reverse missionary

For many women, this delightful position is the best way to reach an orgasm. Begin by having him lie on his back, with his legs straight. You lie on top of him, with your legs on each side of his. This allows you to control

Reinvented missionary

The missionary position has the man on top and the woman underneath, lying on her back with her thighs spread apart. Start in the traditional position, but enhance it by bringing your legs together, and pressing them against his. Instinctively, the man will incline his

Doggy style upgrade

Doggy style has its advantages for the woman. This position generally allows for a much deeper and controlled penetration, but also favours an increased stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot—which is great, but being on all fours can get uncomfortable fairly quickly. To avoid your

Levitating legs

This position is a little more acrobatic, but results in incredibly deep penetration. Start by having him lie on the edge of the bed, legs fully extended and hands slightly pressed backwards. Place yourself so you’re in between his legs, and the two of you

Indian Style

Take the reins and show your dominant side! Start by standing above your partner, and then slowly lower yourself onto him until you’re sitting at a 90 degree angle. Place your feet on the ground, and slowly push back and forth to initiate movement. This

Face to Face

This is an intense, slightly difficult position, but worth it for the great eye contact. Start by having him kneel upright on his knees, with his legs touching. Then, in the same position, place both of your legs on either side of your partners. Both


This position creates unparalleled intimacy – with so much of your skin touching your partners, you’ll feel a rush of excitement throughout your entire body! Have him sit with his legs straight out in front of him, and his shoulders leaning forward, giving you room