5 Actions that Mean More than Saying “I Love You”

i_love_you_coupleSaying “I love you” is important in a relationship. However, it’s sometimes better to show it with action. Actions don’t lie while words may only go so far. When a partner does certain things, it’s undeniable they really love their significant other. When a partner’s actions align with their words, the love is felt even more.


Everyone wants someone who is loyal to them. This loyalty is not just expressed when a couple is with each other, but also when a partner is not around. Loyalty can mean choosing to spend time with a partner over other friends. It can mean focusing sexual desire on one person only. Everyone has variable degrees of what loyalty means to them. Some partners meet these levels naturally; however, some partners know the importance of their partner’s loyalty and seek ways to honour that.

Standing up for each other

Gossip passes around easily. A partner that doesn’t put up with listening to it is a keeper. There was a popular meme that recently circulated which said, “Don’t tell me what they said about me. Tell me why they felt comfortable enough with you to tell you.” Upholding a partner’s reputation says a lot.

Situations can happen in families, as well. At times, a person’s parents may not particularly like their partner, and it shows. Standing up for them means, “You may not approve of who I have chosen, but because they are who I love, choose to accept them or distance yourself from us.”

Being there when times are tough

Anyone can handle being around others when things are going swimmingly, but people who love their partner stick around when times are tough. Sticking it out and jumping in to help tells people how much they mean to them. This can occur when there is an illness or in a time of crisis. People who really love others take them at their best, and they take them at their worst. Seeing through the perfect facade means a person honours and protects who their partner really is.

Eye contact

Eye contact is essential. It lets a person know that they’re important. Eye contact can occur when two people are talking; however, there are other times when eye contact lets a person know their partner really loves them. For example, it can be common to close eyes during sex to focus on sensation; however, making eye contact during the act is extra special. There is a connection and vulnerability getting lost in a partner’s eyes.

The little things

They say it’s in the little things… and they’re right. When there is a whole ritual centered around morning coffee, for example, it means the world when the other person gets up to make it for them. The little things can be cooking a favourite meal, writing a “You look beautiful today” note, and other special actions. The little things can seem insignificant on appearance, but what matters is that people wouldn’t go to the trouble if they didn’t love their other half.

Take time to do these special things for your relationship, take time for others, and notice a partner who does these, too. It’s good to show others they’re loved, and it’s equally important to appreciate others’ effort.

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