5 Hot Kissing Techniques You Need to Try

Whether it’s quick, shy, passionate or romantic, a kiss is a small act filled with benefits. Sad to see how neglected it is! True erotic language, kissing is the best way to get turned on. It speaks the words we sometimes can’t! Do you want to perfect your technique in time for Valentine’s Day? Here are a few suggestions, nothing pretentious!


1. Tempt him
The mouth is an erogenous area, which means that it is a part of the body that can be stimulated, and therefore cause sexual excitement. It is because the tongue and the lips are covered with thousands of tiny sensory receptors. To give you an idea, there are so many nerve endings in the area that it is actually the second most pleasing zone, right after the genitals. So before going on a full make out session, have fun teasing him. A little kiss here and there never hurt anyone!

2. Bite
Sometimes it’s fun to let the “animal” inside us take control. The power of your teeth shouldn’t be neglected. Biting softly can be a pleasant way to increase desire.

3. Follow your instinct
The thing about kisses is that there aren’t any rules! The speed, the intensity, eyes closed or opened or with or without the tongue… Oof! Instead of asking yourself a thousand and one questions, why not just go with the flow? If there’s one thing you should know, is that a good make out session takes two! Listen to the other one by slowly adjusting your mouth, and don’t compare yourself!

4. Play with his senses
Burning with love or shivering from pleasure, the choice is yours! Dab a few drops of edible heating massage oil on your lips or take an ice cube in your mouth to explore new, very pleasant, sensations.


5. Open wide…
We often tend to instinctively shut our eyes when we get intimate with our partner. The main reason is because we want to concentrate in order to enjoy this moment to the very fullest. But keeping a good eye contact during a kissing session can be extremely erotic. This is also the opportunity to express the love you have for him, whithout saying a single word! Try it , you ‘ll see

Other ideas for hot, romantic kisses!

Pecked kisses: perfect for more affectionate kisses. Offer these at a fast pace in between cuddles.

Spiderman style: have you ever tried kissing backwards? On top of the acrobatic experience, you get to escape your comfort zone by stimulating the mouth in a totally different way. Guaranteed pleasure!

Envelopped: capture your partner’s lips (or tongue) in between yours and suck lightly.

The artistic: pretend your lips are pens by drawing or writing on the more neglected zones of the body, like the back of the neck, the hips, behind the knees, etc.

The timeless French kiss: This kiss uses 29 labial and lingual muscles at once, pretty impressive! Change the speed or the intensity of the kiss, your possibilities are endless.

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