5 Relationship Resolutions to Make 2016 the Most Romantic Year Ever

3_INTERNAL_LISTING_OHLALAAlmost a month into the new year. If it hasn’t been done yet,  it is time to rev up your love life with some resolutions that will take your relationship to the next level. If 2015 left you wishing for more, then now is the time to take full control of your happiness. As you make your plans for 2016 add these five relationship goals to your list so that you can enjoy some serious romance.

Let Go of the Past
Maybe you went through a breakup last year, or perhaps your current partner did something that hurt your relationship. Start the year off right by making a list of any resentments that you may have been holding on to during the past year, and begin the process of accepting the lessons that have been learned. If you must, write a letter, go to counseling or have an open conversation with the person involved. Letting go of the painful events in your past will allow you to fully embrace the romance that is heading your way.

Plan a Couple Trip
Traveling together can teach you a lot about your partner. Whether you go to another country or just explore a local town, you can glean valuable insight into your partner’s personality. Do they have to plan every detail, or are they carefree enough to welcome random opportunities? How do they handle unexpected events, and are they confident enough to explore a new place? All of these are things you will learn, and more, by planning a fun-filled getaway with the person you adore.

Try Something New
If you are happily partnered up, then strengthen your relationship by tackling a new challenge with your partner. Take a cooking class, surfing lessons or learn a new language. By doing so, you will see each other in a new light and keep away the boredom that can come in a long-term relationship. If you are single, then signing up for a class or visiting an unfamiliar venue could open up new opportunities for scoring a hottie.

Be Honest About Your Needs
Relationships are often like walking a tightrope where you have to carefully balance what you say and how your partner may take it. This year, cut out the insecurity and speak up about the things you want in your relationship. Have you been dating someone who is constantly unavailable? If so, tell them that you need someone that can show up for dates. Alternatively, let your partner know if you need to spice up your sex life. Just make sure to have a few suggestions to guide them in the right direction.

Explore Your Pleasure Zones
Romantic relationships are all about making each other feel amazing, both in and out of bed. Yet, your partner cannot be expected to read your mind. Spend some time exploring new techniques and toys to find what makes your toes curl. Whether you do this alone or with your significant other is up to you, but knowing how to guide the action will help you reach new heights of pleasure.

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