Five Things You’ll Only Understand If You’ve Been Cheated On

1_OHLALA_INTERNAL_LISTINGAlong with love comes pain, and anyone who has ever experienced a breakup understands firsthand just how difficult this can be to overcome. There are many reasons why breakups occur, but the one that typically stings the most is when trust is shattered by cheating. Few things in life are more devastating, and there are five things you’ll only truly understand if you’ve been cheated on.

1. Love Isn’t Always Meant to Last
Most strive to find that special someone with whom they can spend their life. Just turn on the radio and listen for five minutes and you’re sure to hear lyrics expressing this very point. However, if there’s one thing a cheater can shatter is this very expectation. Those who have experienced this type of pain are typically more aware in future relationships of the dangers of getting overly consumed with the thought of the happily-ever-after many wish to achieve. Instead, they proceed with caution to ensure they are making every effort to protect their heart in future relationships.

2. The Dangers of Jealousy
It’s sadly common how self esteem can be shattered following cheating, and this can become dangerous. It’s typical for the victim to compare themselves to the person the cheater engaged in amorous activities with outside the confines of the sanctity of the relationship. Those who allow jealousy to consume them are only letting their ex-partner win. Instead of giving them your anger, a better strategy is to understand this is their nature, and it’s only a matter of time before they do it to the next unsuspecting victim.

3. The Importance of Trust
This type of situation makes it very clear of just how important trust is in a relationship. Without it, it’s impossible for both parties to truly enjoy the time spent with their partner. After a long day of wondering what they’re doing, the suspicions are sure to manifest in a negative manner. Those who have been cheated on should understand that, as they move on to other relationships, it’s crucial not to move too quickly. A bond of confidence and reliance must be built first.

4. It Takes Work
Whether your partner’s cheating ways resulted in a breakup or you decided to give them another chance, you likely have a better grasp on the fact that relationships take an incredible amount of work and commitment to maintain. Fights will occur no matter how close you are with your partner. There will be low moments. However, just as you must tend to a garden in order for it to thrive, you must be willing to do the hard work to ensure good relationships going forward.

5. You Are Strong
One of the positive aspects of the pain endured from an unfaithful partner is that it forces you to face your feelings. While it’s only natural to spend a couple of days in isolation watching sappy movies eating ice cream, eventually you must pick yourself up and move on to bigger and better things.

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