Beauty for Him: 5 Great Finds

Fact: the international market for men’s beauty products is exploding. What’s behind its success? A demand that keeps growing and the ability of brands to adjust to this new clientele, all the while offering products designed to suit different needs. Although cosmetics targeted towards men have been taking over the market for the past few years, it’s never easy to choose the very best ones. Here, we’ve got a few little marvels to leave in his bathroom cabinet!

3_MEN_PRODUCTS_COLLAGE 1. For his face Groupe Marcelle has recently launched a full line for men. CW Beggs and Sons offers a vast selection of innovative products, formulated to stimulate hydration, detoxification and the skin’s regenerative process. Here, a concoction that contributes to reducing signs of aging while improving skin’s appearance. To be used during the day, as well as at night. CW Beggs and Sons Power Serum, $48 exclusively online.

2. For his hands The star ingredient? Hemp seeds, a plant with potent moisturizing powers, that can be found in a wide range of cosmetics. This compact formula reconstructs the epidermic barrier and helps to preserve skin’s hydration and natural beauty. A highly reparative cream for rugged hands that work hard! The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector, $20 in stores and online.

3. For his intimate hygiene Discover the very first product for men’s privates. Yup, you read right! Without parabens or aluminum, this cream-gel with a neutral pH can be applied in the morning and/or at night on clean skin, and has softening, invigorating and purifying benefits. The promise? Soft skin that smells lovely… ready for any situation! Mojo Natural Sex Care for Men, about $43 online.

4. For his body This invigorating gel that smells great transforms into a creamy mousse when in contact with water. It purifies and softens the skin beautifully and also fights impurities to give the skin an incomparable boost! The result? Skin that is supple and revitalized, ready to be loved. Biotherm Homme Cleansing Gel, $28 in pharmacies and at Hudson’s Bay.

5. For his feet Is your man the sporty type? This formula is exactly what he needs. It prepares his feet for any physical activity and absorbs moisture to keep them dry. With ingredients like volcanic extracts and aloe, it refreshes and soothes minor irritations. Slip it into his gym bag! Kiehl’s Cross-Terrain Dry Run Foot Cream, $24 in stores and online.

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