Are We Afraid of Periods?

1_ENYou feel it slowly coming on… and then boom! Your period is here to stay for the next 4 to 7 days (oh joy). Your period: nothing could be more natural, right? Still, many women are grossed out by it, and dread their time of the month—consciously or not. Why does your period make you cringe so much?

Why so much awkwardness when faced with this feminine phenomenon? Because even today, the topic is surrounded by ignorance and shame. Because people rarely talk about it. After all, there’s nothing glamorous about getting your period. You might as well discuss orgasms, skincare, and your favourite fashionista’s latest looks. Because in a society where the cult of beauty reigns, where wrinkles, stretch marks, hair and blood have no business on your body, which should not get older, it’s too… natural and imperfect, that’s all. Between the cramps, the mood swings, the clothing you try to save and the seemingly endless food cravings, let’s be honest: it’s not really your best moment. In private, you cope as best you can. But in public is where all goes wrong.Why do we have so much trouble admitting that sometimes, our period makes our everyday life more difficult? That it makes us emotional? After all, your period is part of daily life for half the population, and women get it for 40 years on average. Forty years!


Hide that blood from me!
Don’t look too far if you’re wondering why periods are so taboo even in 2015. Browse through the pages of a magazine. Turn on your TV. The ads about feminine hygiene products almost all feature shame as a main emotion. Generally, they feature a woman (wearing light-coloured bottoms, of course…) checking her own behind before running to the closest bathroom and introducing us to the latest super-ultra-absorbant product that will save us from embarrassing leaks. Hallelujah! But you know, you don’t try to hide your toilet paper roll, so why is it that we’ve perfected so many FBI-worthy ways of camouflaging our feminine hygiene products? Shirt sleeve, little purse pocket, or maybe inside your boot: which trick did you use when you were in school? Your period even messes with your sex life. Other than the arguments with your man (thank you, hormones), desire often peaks during your period, just to complicate things further. Should you take advantage of this time when your desire is strong, or put sex on the back burner in order to not gross out your beau? What if you simply let go? It’s more than time to get over these stupid taboos. Having your period is a sign of being in good health—proof that your body is functioning normally. Why should you have to manage the discomfort that comes with it under so much pressure? Who are you really doing it for? Let’s redefine how we treat our periods, ladies!

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