Sexercise: The Workout That Can up Your Pleasure in Bed

1If the Big-O is still eluding you—or consistently letting you down—then don’t panic. Help is on the way! We’ve put together these exercises that will bring you closer to ecstasy, elevating the frequency and intensity of your orgasms, and increasing lubrication.

The key to an orgasm
The key lies in reinforcing the pubococcygeus that surround the vagina. This can be accomplished through Kegel exercises, named in honour of the American gynaecologist who invented them during the 1950s. When the pubococcygeus muscles are firm and toned, sexual pleasure and sensations are intensified.

Exercise 1
Every time you go to the bathroom, stop the flow of your urine for a few seconds, then release. The muscles that allow you to stop the flow are the pubococcygeus muscles (see above). Repeat three to four times, or until you no longer need to urinate.

Note: you can engage the muscles in a similar exercise at any time of the day simply by contracting them at least fifteen times. Repeat at least three times a day at your desk, waiting for the bus or while you’re stuck in traffic…it doesn’t matter where you do it—the exercise is so discreet!

Exercise 2
Lie down on a chair with your back straight. Imagine you have a tampon at the entrance to your vagina that you want to suck up inside you, to place it well. Do this for about ten seconds, repeating three times.

Practice makes perfect!
The effects of the preceding exercises (repeated daily) should be felt after about six to eight weeks.
If you want to test the results, place a finger inside your vagina, and tighten those pubococcygeus muscles. They should be strong enough that you feel a light pressure around your finger. This means the muscles are now more developed and the workout has started to show results.

Put them to use the next time you want to speed up the arrival of an orgasm. Contract your toned  vaginal muscles around your partner’s penis, releasing and tightening the muscles continually. This will intensify your sensations, bringing on an orgasm in no time at all.

Yoga = better sex?
Yoga can give your body greater flexibility and firmness, allowing you to try out a variety of new sexual positions. Even better, yoga increases your sexual vitality, and raises your awareness of your body. Also, it reduces tensions in the pelvic region, the centre of sexuality, thanks to the increase of blood circulation that accompanies many yoga poses.

Exercise 1:
Sit on the floor, your legs folded so that the soles of your feet are pressed together. Stretch your back upwards so that it is upright, then breathe in. Clasp your ankles with your hands, and gently press your thighs and knees towards the ground. You should feel a stretch in your inner thigh and groin. Next, exhale, and lower your upper body until your head touches the ground, or as low as you can bring it. Hold for two to three minutes.

Exercise 2: The Arc
While lying on your back, bend your knees, lifting your calves off the ground. Take your ankles into both hands, your arms outstretched behind you. You should now be in an arched position, with your upper body off the ground. Feel all your muscles stretching, particularly those of your belly and pelvis. Hold the position for 20 seconds, repeating twice.

The ultimate sexercise!
Studies have shown that physically active women are also more sexually active and fulfilled than those who are sedentary. The explanation for this link between exercise and sexuality is unclear, but it is clear that the relaxation and well-being that comes from working out has an impact on our sex lives. So ladies, now that your pubococcygeus muscles are in tip-top shape, it’s off to the gym—you’ll be orgasm-ready in no time!

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