How to Choose the Right Swimsuit to Flatter Your Assets

There’s a style for everyone!

Swimsuit season? Way too short in our opinion! And with a range of styles available on the market, it is (finally!) the time to choose a piece that suits our body type. After all, no two bodies are alike, so why not highlight our assets rather than hide our least-favourite parts? Check out our lovely selection that will make you want to dive right into summer!


1. Focus on: your waist

Why not have fun with something original? Have you tried a trikini before? It’s a two-piece that’s connected by a strip of fabric covering the abdomen. It’s less revealing than a bikini, and distracts people’s focus from the stomach, emphasizing instead on the waist.

Victoria’s Secret Wireless Push-Up Monokini par, $98 in stores and online.

2. Focus on: your legs

For an elongated figure and a never-ending set of legs, a one-piece suit with a more, er, cheeky bottom (pun intended!) is definitely for you.

Dynamite One Piece with Back Cutout, $49.95 in stores and online.

3. Focus on: your butt

Long live our curves! The advantage of having a voluptuous derriere? Almost anything will fit you! That said, a piece with low-rise panties will go best with your body type. As for a more daring Brazilian style, it will certainly add definition to your buttocks.

Forever 21 Tropical Lace-Up Bikini, $21.90 (top) and $15.90 (bottom), in stores and online.

4. Focus on: your chest

The key to highlighting a larger chest? Proper support! Therefore, a halter-type design will perfectly blend femininity along with efficiency. Depending on your taste and preference (as well as the occasion!), opt for either a plunging V-neck, or a rounded push-up.

La Vie en Rose Aqua Samba Orange Bikini, $34.95 (top) and $29.95 (bottom), in stores and online.

All that’s left is to choose your favourite to take to the beach!

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