14 Things Every Man Needs To Know About What Women Want During Sex


A lot of men complain about their women apparently not showing interest, or being confusing about what they really want in bed. It’s a gift when women are straight up about what they want in bed. Sadly, some women don’t make the effort to say what’s on their minds, or they are too afraid to say anything. Eventually, they end up finding another guy they hope will meet their needs. To guys who are looking for a clue to save their sex lives, here are 14 things that will surely keep your woman happy in bed, and ravenous for more. Gentlemen, now is the time to perk up and listen.

1. She wants you to make eye contact and smile at her.

Women love eyes. We go gaga every time we look into a guy’s eyes. Whether your eyes are sparkling, or you were blessed with better eyelashes than ours, your eyes have the power to lock us down. Making eye contact makes the ladies feel important and gorgeous. We literally get lost looking at you. It’s embarrassing for us, sometimes. And when you smile while you gaze at us, we lose it.

2. She wants oral.

This is one of the most obvious things a woman wants that is almost entirely ignored. Don’t be selfish, guys, because then you may be sending the wrong message to your lady. Women can feel very insecure about themselves if oral sex is performed on them rarely. Show her your love, and show it often.

3. She wants you to take your time.

Sex isn’t about whether or not you can bust a nut. It’s about connecting with your significant other on the deepest level of human interaction. It’s blending the physical and the emotional experiences into one beautiful representation of love. Take your time with her, and let her take her time with you. Enjoy being in each other’s company, and appreciate everything you do for each other.

4. She wants you to shower her with compliments.

It’s not that we need your approval, but we like being told we’re pretty, sexy, and all yours. Compliments can get your woman in the mood like no other. Don’t overdo it–do it when you know she will value your compliments. If she happened to switch up her hair, or if she’s wearing new lingerie, or if she decided to go with a sultry red lip, take notice and tell her how much you love what she did for you and that she is always sexy no matter how dolled up she gets.

5. She wants you to switch speeds.

Sometimes we like to take it nice and slow, other times we go at it like jackrabbits. However, switching between fast and slow is the best way to go. It feels better, and adds energy. And we know how much you want to go full blast.

6. She wants you to be confident.

Confidence is the best attribute anyone can have. She’s not worrying about your size or your insecurities, and you’re not worrying about her insecurities, either. Both of you are focusing on each other, so do whatever you desire. Your confidence could help boost hers, too.

7. She wants you to give her a chance.

Encourage her to do what she wants. Stop doing what you’re doing, look at her, and tell her she can do whatever she wants. Make her feel like she’s your wet dream, and her doing what she wants is only making you love her more. You’re welcome.

8. She wants you to touch her everywhere.

We really do like it when you touch our boobs and our booties, but that’s basic. There’s more to us than that! Having a guy glide their hands up and down our backs, our legs, our arms, even our stomachs (without being weird) is pleasurable. Women have many erogenous zones that they don’t even know about. Find them.

9. She wants you to take her like you have been waiting for it all day.

I’m not talking about jackhammering her the minute you see her, though that is something she may want. Sweep her off her feet. Show her how eager you are to be with her. It’ll make her feel wanted, and all ladies want to feel wanted.

10. She wants you to appreciate her.

Appreciate everything she does in bed. Never talk down to her. You can offer her suggestions, but always tell her you love everything she’s doing for you.

11. She wants you to kiss her everywhere.

Going along with touching her everywhere, she also wants you to kiss her everywhere. It all goes with our desire to feel loved, cared for, wanted, and honored. Make our bodies yours.

12. She wants creativity.

She has her fantasies, and yours are surely 100 times freakier. Don’t hold back.

13. She wants you to make her orgasm. Duh.

Make her orgasm as much as you can before she gets her period. Then, it’ll be blowjobs for you all week. Sounds pretty fair.

14. She wants you to make the first move.

What are you waiting for?


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