4 Positions to Boost Your Sex Life

Whether it’s sexual preference or frequency, every couple has its own habits when it comes to intimacy. However, it is generally agreed that imagination can be a great asset those who want to keep the flame burning. With that, here are four sexual positions to help rev up your engine!

Doggy style upgrade

Doggy style has its advantages for the woman. This position generally allows for a much deeper and controlled penetration, but also favours an increased stimulation of the clitoris and G-spot—which is great, but being on all fours can get uncomfortable fairly quickly. To avoid your wrists getting tired from supporting your body weight, try leaning on your elbows and forearms instead.

Reverse cowgirl 

Generally, this position calls for the woman to ride the man while facing him. However, it’s even more interesting if she faces away from him! This gives you the freedom to take control, and vary the rhythm of penetration as along with your pelvic movements. Bonus for your beau: he can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view!

Reinvented missionary

The missionary position has the man on top and the woman underneath, lying on her back with her thighs spread apart. Start in the traditional position, but enhance it by bringing your legs together, and pressing them against his. Instinctively, the man will incline his body forward, which will change the angle of penetration and maximize the friction of his member on your clitoris.

Vertical doggy style

The secret to a satisfying sex life? Learning to think outside the box! Have fun doing things differently by making love while standing up. This position is easy to try at any time: penetration is done from the back, so it requires that you stand facing away from your man. Without really being able to see each other, you can let your erotic imagination run free, all the while concentrating on your sense of touch which, surprisingly enough, is often neglected when it comes to sex.

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