5 Things He’ll Love in Bed

Even though your beau is perfectly content with what goes on between the sheets, who doesn’t enjoy a little experimentation? After all, letting the heat slowly (but surely) rise, isn’t that hotter? We ask our girlfriends, and sometimes we even try to simply ask him, “Just what, exactly, turns you on?!”

Because let’s be honest: it isn’t always easy to get inspired, to be spontaneous, and to keep that fire burning in the bedroom. So here are some easy techniques that can very well blow his mind. So: ready to spoil your man?


1. Play with words

His naughty tricks have a tendency to get your heart racing? Do you like it when he grabs you a certain way or uses his fingers, oh, like that? Let him know. Pleasure can be a verbal experience, after all, and the fact that you can share your desires with him and articulate your excitement can be rather thrilling for your sweetie. In fact, one’s sense of hearing is rather powerful when it comes to the rise of desire, and it is unfortunately one that is often overlooked.

2. Take control

It is (too often) expected that men should be the only ones who should initiate sex. Not simply for his pleasure, but for yours too, have fun by giving him playful commands, guiding him towards ecstasy, and showing him the best road to your undoing. So if you usually expect him to make the first move, try to at least meet him halfway. After all, passivity can be a real mood-killer!

3. Let him watch you

The triggering of a sexual reaction is different between men and women. Men are very visual and their appetite can be whet with sexy images. So whether you decide to peel your clothes off slowly and seductively, strut around sexily as he anxiously waits for you in bed, or let his gaze linger as you touch yourself, allow him any opportunity to look at you… to appreciate all of you.

4. Take your time

Action, reaction (and vice versa)? Men don’t simply work mechanically, so it is erroneous to think that they don’t enjoy foreplay, preferring to go straight to the main event instead. In fact, many men enjoy petting and other sexual manipulations which allow them to feel their sexual arousal slowly increase. So have fun with the thrilling build-up until it reaches the point of no return. This allows your partner’s pleasure to course throughout his body (it’s quite a vast playground, isn’t it?), and not only confined to his genitals.

5. Exude confidence

Sexual confidence: this comes first and foremost once your body and your mindset are in harmony. And this, ladies, can be learned. Of course, this may be more difficult for some, but rest assured, sexual liberty can be achieved. And do you know what’s even more alluring than frilly panties or body-bending sex positions? A woman who has confidence in herself and thinks herself beautiful!

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