5 Things Men Think About During Sex


Ladies, admit it. You are always wondering what your man is thinking about when you are in the throes of passion. Is he thinking about you? Or is he fantasizing about something else? The truth is that there are actually quite a few weird things that a guy may be thinking about during sex, but he is fortunately probably not fantasizing about some other woman when he is with you. Here is a look at five things men could actually be thinking about when they are having sex.

1. These Breasts Are Amazing!

Trust us on this one. No matter how much you are wishing for bigger boobs, there is no need to worry about them once you have your top off. Guys always think the most amazing breasts in the world are the ones that are right in front of them. When your breasts are uncovered, you can be sure that your man is thinking about how incredible they are.

2. Unsexy Things

Experts estimate that around 30 percent of men will deal with premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Even men who have decent stamina are always worried about coming before the woman they are having sex with does. This leads to a lot of guys thinking about the unsexiest things possible when they are getting close to orgasm. These thoughts could include things like his grandmother, Dick Cheney and the lyrics to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” While it may not be ideal for your man not to be entirely focused on you when you are intimate, it beats having him finish before you are even out of first gear.

3. Mental Camera

Sometimes, your man may be focusing on searing the images of your sexy body into his memory banks for later. After all, you will not always be around or in the mood when he is ready to go. Having him capture some sexy mental video of your lovemaking sure beats the alternative of having an actual camera rolling. Don’t be afraid to add a little dirty talk to your sexual encounters so that he has a soundtrack to go with his mental video.

4. Gotta Be Cool

Every guy wants to feel like Ryan Gosling when he is in the bedroom with you. In fact, much of his mental energy when he is having sex will often be focused on trying to look cool. Because, let’s face it, our normal sex lives don’t often play out much like a movie. Accidents are all too common, and laughter is not a stranger to any couple who has had more than a few sexual escapades. Therefore, your man will often be thinking step-by-step about how to look cool doing everything in the bedroom from taking off his socks to avoiding making his o-face look like he is having a stroke.

5. I Wonder if She Likes This

No matter if you have it is your first or 400th time together, your man may well be thinking about whether you are enjoying yourself. This is especially true when it comes to orgasm. Men are so disadvantaged in this department. It is all too obvious when a guy orgasms. However, most guys don’t have a clue if you have reached climax or not. Even before you get there, guys are always wondering whether you are liking what is happening. They are often wondering about whether you would like some new move they are thinking about adding to the mix. The key to keeping all of these worries from hampering your man’s performance is communication. You should encourage him to ask about new things, and you should tell him when things feel good. Of course, adding in some screams of, “I’m coming!” never hurts.

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