6 Ways to Add Some Sizzle to Your Sex Life This Winter

2_OHLALA_ARTICLESThe winter season is the prime time to grab your partner for some extra snuggles, and you do not have to put the damper on your sex life just because it is cold outside. Instead, a little partner time between the sheets is the perfect indoor activity when the snow is piled high outside your window. If you are ready to add some sizzle to your love life this winter, then these six tips will have your partner begging for more.

Set the Scene
Cuddling by the firelight is always romantic, and you can carry the theme throughout the house. Light a few cinnamon-scented candles with wooden wicks in your bedroom to mimic the crackling of a fire, and add a heated blanket to the bed. Then, invite your partner to the room to see how much body heat the two of you can generate.

Make a Naughty Wish List
There are some special gifts that aren’t appropriate for setting under the tree, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip giving your partner what they really want. Ask your partner to create an adults-only wish list this season that is filled with ideas for naughty fun. Whether they want a sexy new piece of lingerie or to have sex in a thrilling setting, it will be exciting making their every wish come true.

Soak in a Sensual Bath
Two naked bodies glistening in a heated tub are bound to stimulate your senses, and it is the perfect way to connect after a long day fighting the winter blahs. Use scented bubble bath and candles to set the mood, and surprise your partner with their favorite beverage. After you dry off, keep the romance going by offering a gentle massage. This formula is practically guaranteed to end with more than just a back rub.

Plan a Weekend Getaway
The prospect of having sex in a new location is always a turn on, and you and your partner are probably a little stir-crazy by now. Whether you head to the tropics or a cozy cabin, a change of scenery will increase your bond. When you choose your lodging, ask the staff if they have any special services for romance. Breakfast in bed, wine on the pillow and rose petals scattered on the floor may be cheesy, but they add a touch of romance that can heighten the experience. Just remember to pack a few sexy essentials, such as toys or lingerie, to really drive your partner wild.

Have a Snowball Fight
Talk your partner into heading outdoors, and toss a snowball their way. Once their competitive side is in full swing, you can enjoy a few laughs while getting your hearts racing. While the adrenaline is still flowing, head indoors, and find a few naughty ways to help each other get warm.

Sneak a Quickie
The house is decorated and the guests will be arriving soon, so what better thing to do than have a quick round of passionate sex? Sneaking in a quickie is a great way to amp up the excitement, and you will both enjoy giving each other a wink and a nod whenever a guest sits on the couch that you were just enjoying together a few minutes before.

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