Mimic that Post-Sex Feeling

When enjoying a healthy sex life, we are usually riding the happy-train. Why? Sex helps release endorphins, our body’s natural mood-boosting chemical. But what happens when we’re not getting any? Well, we have to unleash those endorphins somehow! (Masturbation is one way to go.) We’ve got four ways to get that post-sex feeling… without the sex.

Work it out.
Sex is a physical activity in itself, sowhen you’re not engaging in it with anyone, try getting an actual workout: join a gym, take up running or even try your hand at a new sport. You’re sure to get uplifted thanks to the release of those happy endorphins!
Eat the right foods.
There are many foods out there that can help release endorphins. These include spicy foods (such as chili peppers), caffeine (finally, a way to justify your coffee addiction!), as well as sweets such as honey… and chocolate. It’s no wonder many women say that they’d rather give up sex than their favourite delicacy!

Laughter, as they say, is the best medicine and with reason: it helps increase those mood-boosting chemicals! So when you’re lacking that happy feeling, be sure to get plenty of laughs while checking out live comedy shows and watching funny movies. You’ll have a genuine smile on your face in no time.

Touch and be touched.
When we have a hand to hold or a warm body to hold us close at night, the touch of another person is sure to increase endorphin levels. Therefore, ensure to always hug your family members or friends when you get the chance. Another way is to get the occasional professional massage; the soft lighting, gentle music and a pair of hands working at those knots in your muscles will relax you immensely and get you happy fast.

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