Sex: 11 of the Most Ridiculous Laws Worldwide

INTERNAL_LISTING_2015-07-17When it comes to matters of sexuality, everything is a question of personal preference… but not everything is allowed. Okay, so far we’d say that makes total sense and is pretty necessary! But there are still certain places where you really don’t want to mess around with certain sexual practices.

Here’s an incomplete list of the most ridiculous laws on sex worldwide. Urban legend or not, we’re warning you – the following list might make you feel… strongly!

1. In Arizona, having more than two vibrators in the same house is illegal. Make sure you take a careful note!

2. In the state of Virginia in the US, it is strictly forbidden to make love with the lights on. So, if you find yourself visiting there you’re going to have to settle for your lover in the dark!

3. In Hong Kong, there’s a law that allowed a woman to kill her husband if she found him guilty of adultery. But she’s only allowed to carry out the punishment with her bare hands.

4. In Washington DC, the only sex position that’s legally tolerated is missionary. All the rest are outlawed. Well!

5. In Oregon USA, men are prohibited from swearing in bed.

6. In Indonesia, masturbation is punishable by beheading.

7. Norwegian women are expected to satisfy the sexual desires of their husbands during the long winter days.

8. Thinking of visiting London? Just so you know: there’s a law that prohibts you from makign love on a parked motorcycle. But if it’s rolling… it rolls!

9. In Uganda, music with any erotic characteristics are banned. Now, all that’s left is to determine what they mean exactly by “erotic music”.

10. In Turkey, it’s forbidden to fall in love with your neighbor’s son, wife, servants, or… animals.

11. In the state of Iowa in the US, there’s a law that punishes kisses that last longer than five minutes.

Have you ever heard about any of these regulations before?

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