5 Tips for Surviving a Dry Spell


There are many reasons why some women go without sex (whether because they choose to or not), for either short or long periods of time. Whether you’re still reeling from a break-up or are too busy to focus on dating and sex, dry spells can really (really) suck. We’ve got five ways that can help you survive until your next roll in the hay!

Stay active

During sex, your body releases endorphins, which act as a natural mood-booster. This is why we’re generally at our happiest when we’re getting some! But when you don’t have an active sex life, a great alternative is getting active. By hitting the gym, going for a jog outdoors or picking up a sport of choice, you’ll still stay uplifted thanks to the release of those happy endorphins through a different means!

Keep looking fabulous

Sure, the lack of frequent sex may seem like a good excuse to stay in on Friday nights and wear baggy and unflattering clothing, be it at the office, while running errands, or hanging out with the girls. However, if you keep yourself looking great, you’ll end up feeling as such, too! So even when you’re not feeling particularly sexy, put on that awesome top and apply your favourite lip colour anyway; that may be the trick that’ll put a skip in your step, and who knows who you may run into!

Focus on other things

When you’re not seeing anyone and, thus, spending less time between the sheets, it’s best to not mull over the fact that you’re not getting any. So try and pick up a hobby, focus on work, or even spend more time with friends. By focusing your attention on other things and keeping busy, the wait between now and your next romp won’t be an excruciating one!

Love yourself

Yes, we’re talking about masturbation! Just because there isn’t a boyfriend in the picture doesn’t mean solo sex isn’t an option. Light a few candles, wear some sexy lingerie, and use your hand or your trusty vibrator. You’ll be surprised at how good a time you’ll end up having!

Change your mind-set

Instead of looking at your dry spell as you not being able to get any (which can be a huge downer on one’s confidence), start thinking of it as a self-imposed celibacy. This puts the responsibility on you to get back in the game when ready, or merely gives you the power to justify to yourself that you will decide when you’ll have sex again, and with whom. Plus, this may make you re-evaluate your dating habits and the type of men you date.

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