Turn Up the Heat with These 10 Tips for Great Sex

couple_sexIf you’ve ever felt that your sex life was becoming routine and, yes, maybe even a little dull, listen up: there are lots and lots of ways to raise the temperature in the bedroom (or elsewhere) with your partner, and keep that sexual connection simmering away.

1. The Slow Build-Up

Take a day when you are both at home – you’re gardening and he’s parked in front of endless college football games. As you walk by the couch, lightly run your hand across the back of his neck. Go wash the dishes. Come back and sit next to him, casually stroking his thigh. Mention that you’ve been getting kind of curious about porn. Spill something on your blouse, then tell him you’re going to clean up. By the time he realizes why he’s got a persistent hard-on, you’ll be out of the shower, dripping wet, wrapped only in a towel and ready for action.

2. Variations on a Theme

Unless the two of you have an acrobatic sex life already, the sky’s the limit for adding variety. Don’t just get on top, ladies: get on top facing away from him (your clitoris will thank you); get in the spooning position and have him enter you from the back; watch yourselves in the mirror while he’s sitting and you are straddling. You get the idea – shake things up.

3. Role Playing

At first you may both be a little embarrassed about you playing hot doctor (try a lab coat with nothing underneath) to his “new patient” role. But all you need is a little verbal rehearsal to get into the mood before you morph into a bad-girl-cop or a dominatrix – and yes, kink can be an integral and arousing part of role playing.

4. Don’t be Shy

Tell him about your secret fantasies and encourage him to tell you his. Talk dirty to him. Intimate whispering of things you don’t usually say is a real turn on.

5. Watch What I Can Do

Watch each other masturbate while holding to the rule that at no time are you allowed to so touch each other. The build-up of tension will produce a mind-blowing orgasm for each of you.

6. Toys for Grownups

There is a universe beyond silk scarves and vibrators to explore. Sensual oils and lubricants, anal probes, handcuffs, pop-rocks in your mouth while you give oral sex – the list is endless. Visit an adult shop together and keep your eyes open when you’re out – you may just find an old riding crop at a garage sale.

7. Visit New Places

Go to a strip club together. Watch him get a lap dance from a pro; have him watch while you get one! We bet you won’t even make it all the way home before giving in to your aroused animal instincts!

8. Add Something Special

If, and only if both of you are willing, try a threesome. One caution: do not enlist a friend for this. There are non-pro online services that cater to adults who want sex without strings, and there’s something extra hot about an eager stranger in your bed.

9. Oh. . .oh. . . Oral!

Don’t rely on the usual kneeling in front of him or contorting into the perfect 69. Get creative. Let him do you while you are sitting in a chair with your legs splayed over the sides. As he controls your every response, let him find a surprise – like a strawberry – with his tongue. Do him while he’s tied up and unable to move.

10. Keep it Coming

Even with sex, practice makes perfect. It’s easier than you think to get out of practice and lose your drive – and if that happens to either of you, someone’s eye is likely to wander. Spice things up and keep on playing on a very regular basis.

Relationships do involve work, but this kind of “work” is nothing but fun!

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