5 Ways to Turn Your Guy into Your Own Christian Grey

9Even though you might have seen the 50 Shades of Grey movie with your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, you still got a little warm watching Christian Grey seducing Anastasia Steele on the big screen. Turn your guy into your own version of the movie’s leading character by giving him a few hints that he might need to step up his game—by stepping your own game up a little.

1. Give Him a Makeover

Christian Grey is a well-dressed billionaire playboy who has plenty of confidence and unique tastes. He always looks great in a tailored suit and a pair of Italian leather shoes. Give your boyfriend the kind of confidence that can only come with looking like a million bucks—even if you’ve only got a budget of $100! Shop clearance sales at stores that sell high-end designer suits at discount prices. The actor who plays Christian Grey in the movie, Jamie Dornan, often has a disheveled look and a bushy beard. If he could be transformed into the clean-cut playboy in the movie, so can your special guy! Get him a gift card for a hot shave and a haircut at your local barber. Buy him a pair of Italian leather shoes that Grey would go wild about.

2. Drop a Few Hints

If you’ve never hinted at your desire for a little extra spice in your romantic life, drop a few ideas. Amazon Wish List is a great place to let your guy know you’re interested in a little accoutrement. Add sexy lingerie, fuzzy handcuffs, a blindfold and some high-heeled slippers. If you live together, leave little love notes for him around your house. You can leave him little hints, suggesting what you might want him to do to you later. You might even subscribe to an erotica website and leave the website open on his laptop. Buy sexy magazines and leave them around the apartment—you can even doggy-ear or bookmark certain pages that might give him some additional ideas!

3. Take a Class

Get your guy in the mood by enhancing your skillset. Take a pole dancing class or a burlesque dance class. You’ll get in shape while learning some sultry new moves. Burlesque is all about the art of seduction and tantalization. You’ll learn how to tease your guy without taking all your clothes off.

4. Up His Game

Christian Grey is a high-powered businessman who owns a major Fortune 500 company. Although your guy might not be quite as successful, you can make him feel like he is. Ask him about his job, and commend him for his work accomplishments—no matter how seemingly small. This will boost his self-esteem and make him feel like he’s the most important businessman in the city.

5. Give Him Something to Work For

You can’t give your guy a makeover and not up your game, too. Make him go crazy over you by updating your style a little. Get a sassy new haircut, and head to the cosmetics counter to try out some smoky new eye shadow. Get a Brazilian or a bikini wax, or try vigazzling—crystals that are strategically placed in your downstairs area to add a little glitz and glimmer! Oh, just have fun!

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