Did Instagram Seriously Just Ban Curves?

Thin, yes. Curves, no?
It’s nothing new – prudish Instagram is well-known for its censorship. Well, even without delving into the details, we can see why it’s sometimes necessary. But did you know that in the last few days the team behind the famous social network decided to ban users from categorizing their images and conducting searches for the hashtag #curvy? As a result of this unjust censorship (to say the least), there’s been a massive internet backlash, and not only from curvy women.

According to a spokesperson for the site, hashtags are censored in order to combat their misuse pertaining to broadcasting content that displays erotic nudity. However, the hashtags #skinny, #thinspiration, and even #anorexic are still allowed.

Even if you understand the concept of wanting to vet users’ posts, the actual result is less than ideal in terms of the lack of equity that occurs from this decision. What about the women who want to celebrate their beautiful, volumptuous figures in a swimsuit, for example? Or those who want to convey a message of hope to help thousands of women around the world adopt a positive relationship to their bodies?

Fortunately, because nothing stops people who are determined to fight against injustice, users quickly found a solution to this censorship. How? By simply replacing #curvy with #curvee, a new hashtag that, hopefully, will keep the conversation going!

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