We Met Mr. Old Spice

1Old Spice has recently started a new campaign, starring the charming Isaiah Mustafa (you know, the one who was half naked on a white horse?). He has lately offered his spot to a new Old Spice man, played by the actor Terry Crews. A second character who is, we have to admit, way more agressive than the one we were used to!

In these new advertisements, both stallions advocated their favourite fragrances between Timber, Swagger and Bearglove. Available as shampoos, antiperspirants, body sprays, and more… some great ideas to stuff stockings with!

I was able to meet the lovely Isaiah whilst in Toronto (without a white horse…). Curious to know what he had to tell me? Read his answers below!

You have been the face of Old Spice for 5 years now. How does it feel to be associated to a company at this point?

It’s the best job in the world! It’s great to be associated with such an iconic label. People often ask me: where is your horse? It’s funny, and I love the brand.

How did it change your life?

I can thank Old Spice for giving my acting career a boost. I also had the chance to travel across the world, to meet great people and to live 5 really incredible years.

You are a flirt on TV, but how are your Don Juan skills in real life?

Not as it is in the ads at all! I am simple, calm and normal. I once heard The Rock talk about his character, and how it was a version of himself but with the volume turned all the way up. It’s kind of the same for me, I guess.

Tell me about your favourite fragrances, Timber and Swagger.

Timber is a day perfume and perfect for the shower or for after-gym, whilst Swagger is more of a night fragrance, that we’d put on before going to grab a drink with frends.


Isaiah likes : Timber, a woody fragrance, with a hint of mint, perfect for the daytime.

Terry likes : Bearglove, a fragrance for a more mature and in control man.

Isaiah likes : Swagger, a masculine and sexy fragrance.

What is your best flirting advice for men?

Hard to say! If it doesn’t work for them, they’ll think it’s my fault!

Your best tip for being a gentleman then?

Offer. Always give the other person the choice. Open the door, walk on the side of the road on the sidewalk, pay the bill. I have a lot of girl friends who often complain about this, because they think that men assume that they can’t afford it. No, they’re just being polite! Give them the opportunity to say accept it or not. Also, be as charming and nice as possible.

*As told to Caroline Elie

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