4 Rules to Follow for Flirting During the Cold Season

2With the temperature dropping and the first snow of the season, it’s hard to not think about the holidays, the festivities and the people you’ll meet! Here are some golden rules if you don’t want to go through the cold by yourself.

1. Stay active
Everyone knows that when it’s colder, we’d much rather spend a day in the warmth of our bed not doing anything. That is actually the best way to stay single. When the cold takes over, don’t try to find excuses to stay home. There are a ton of activities that you can do outside that will give you the opportunity to meet someone and brave the cold together. For example, you could go skating or try out any other seasonal activity.

2. Go out as much as possible
Again, staying home all day will in no way help you meet someone who will share great moments with you this winter. If you have the opportunity to, try to go out as much as possible: clubbing, parties, eating at restaurants. The more you go out, the more chance you have of meeting someone who could be “the one”! Don’t wait for someone to invite you to get out of the house. You might be stuck under your bed sheets with a hot drink for a while if that’s the case. There are better ways to warm up!

3. Go on a trip
What better way of meeting someone than to go on a vacation. Away from work, completely disconnected from your source of stress, trips to a far away (or not) country will open up new horizons, romantically speaking. Either it’s just for a weekend or a serious relationship, have fun! Don’t think too much and just enjoy the moment. If you are already in a relationship, a trip to a sunny destination is the best way to solidify your relationship and to break the routine a little.

4. No matter what, stay positive
It is true that winter is often a period that attracts rather negative thoughts. Well, now is the time to adopt a whole new attitude. Stiffen up and put on your nicest clothes because your free time will be dedicated to do things that’ll make you happy: shopping, spa, beauty salons… anything that rocks your boat. Not only will it get your mind off things, it will also let you be disconnected from the world and, with the help of fate, find the one.

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