5 Hard Differences Between Men And Boys


So, you met this great guy and everyone likes him, but you find little things that feel wrong and you cannot tell if it’s you, or if it really is him. I have observed many relationships, and it’s actually embarrassing to see what some people put up with just to get by and avoid a sense of “being alone”. I know us women are crazy, but there are some dudes, in fact, many dudes, who are little manboys that will never be marriage material (let alone actually worthy of being called a boyfriend).

I thought there was a point that men were supposed to mature? What is with all these 20 something year olds running around acting like their shit don’t stink and they are “the man”.  Here are five hard differences that I look for when talking to a guy, that define whether he is a man, or just a little boy.

  1. He is respectable towards your family.

You can’t marry someone that your family does not like, and all of you who try to make this work deserve all the negativity you get out of your relationship. Even if your family is tough and doesn’t like him for no specific reason, your man will do everything he can to make it work, and to win their approval. Even if he can’t win their approval, he will always be courteous towards them. These people were there from the beginning and he respects that.

  1. He is clear on his intentions and speaks up for what he wants.

A man knows what he wants, and will go for it. He prides himself on integrity, knows who he wants to be and how he wants to present himself. He is clear on all his words and actions. This could be what he wants to eat, whom he wants to date, or the car he wants to drive. He will never lead a girl on with cruel intentions and he will never make you question how he feels for you. Sometimes he may screw up, but for the most part, you will know where you stand and where he stands. He will also never back down nor will he talk behind someone’s back. If there is an issue he will face it head on and not let it bother him (which would in turn become a bigger problem).

  1. He always finishes the job.

Yep, a man will always make sure you are good before he is good. He will do anything to help you climax and eventually he will know exactly how to get you off, every time, because he will pay attention and keep note of what he is doing. He’s not afraid of going down and he will speak with you about any problems you have going on down there even if it means him having to go out and buy you a box of tampons. A man gets off by having you get off, a boy is just happy he has someone to give hime a blowjob.

  1. A man is a leader and a follower. 

When you are out with your friends, or even if it’s just the two of you, a man can lead, but knows how to follow. He doesn’t try to have things go his way or get salty if people want to do other stuff. He goes with the flow because he knows whatever ends up happening, if you are both there, it’s going to be a good time. He understands that communication is key and he expresses his opinions in a clear and concise manner.

  1. A man does what he must.

“In spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers, and pressures, and that is the basis of all human morality” (John F. Kennedy). A man is simply one who does what he must. He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t make up excuses or put blame on other people, he just does it, whatever it may be.


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