7 Awesome Benefits Of Living Alone

1Friends and family are not always supportive when you say you want to live alone, but the solitary lifestyle can actually be a really great opportunity for personal growth. Here are seven amazing benefits of living alone.

1. Builds Responsibility
Living alone can make you much more responsible. If you need to eat, you have to go buy the food and cook it for yourself. If don’t want your place to be messy, you have to create your own cleaning schedule and follow through with it. No one else is going to be there to make sure you stay on top of your life.

2. Boosts Self-Esteem
Living alone forces you to be self-sufficient. That can seem a little overwhelming at first, but you will feel absolutely amazing once you figure it out. The confidence and increased self-esteem that comes from being completely responsible for yourself can really improve the way your view yourself in other situations too.

3. Increases Creativity
If you are the creative type, then you know how easy it is to get distracted by the constant presence of others. Living alone gives you plenty of space to act on your creative impulses without having to limit yourself to the short time frames when your roommate is out. Additionally, expressing your creativity increases your happiness.

4. Allows For Self-Discovery
There is nothing wrong with occasionally doing activities other people enjoy, but you have to make sure you save some time for yourself too. Your new-found independence can give you the perfect opportunity to figure out what you love. You can try out new television shows, foods, concerts, and anything else without worrying what others think.

5. Aids Relaxation
We have all had those tough days where all we want is to come home and temporarily shut out the world. Unfortunately, this does not work well with a roommate. Without fail, the day you need a few hours of silence will be the day she just has to tell you what happened at work. You would love to hear her story any other time, but today you just need to relax. When you live alone you can seek out company when you want it, but no one is going to force you to socialize otherwise.

6. Improves Relationships
Happiness is often measured by the quality of our relationships. When you live with someone, you have to give them some of your time. When you have your own place, you can spend all of your time on whoever you wish. This allows you to form deeper connections with those people and improves your relationships.

7. Gives You Freedom
The best part of living alone is that you are free to do whatever you like. This may be the only time in your life when you call all of the shots. If you want to eat T.V. dinners for an entire month, you can! No one is there to judge you, so you can get away with whatever you want!

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