Finalize Your Breakup in Style With the Divorce Dress

Who says the most beautiful dress you ever wear has to be your wedding dress? It’s 2015 and the idealized world of courtly romance has been replaced by Tinder, feminism, and Magic Mike XXL. If you dropped stacks on a gorgeous gown to celebrate your union, why not #TreatYourself with an equally fabulous dress to celebrate your newfound singledom? Nicolas Aujula, a British fashion designer-therapist-astrologer, is championing fancy dress occasions for women everywhere by introducing the new concept of the “divorce dress”.


He stated in an interview that, “The Emerald Divorce Dress has been created to celebrate this life changing transition as every woman needs to feel special after having gone through the emotions and turmoil of dealing with a break up.” Where is the lie, though? Why shouldn’t you buy something special after going through an emotionally tempestuous breakup that’s been punctuated by paperwork and screaming at your now in-significant other over the meticulously polished mohogany desk in your lawyer’s conference room? (Full disclosure: everything I know about divorce proceedings comes from the mediation scene in “Wedding Crashers”).


The “Emerald Divorce Dress” is made out of Italian silk satin with a hand embroidered tulle bodice overlay of a bra-cupped corset bodice, with built in bra support. The dress comes in two different styles, a mini dress (with a detachable full length skirt) and a full blown gown. They’re available in the UK for $4,700 – $5,495 US. Although the location/pricing are inconvenient, we’re praying this signals the beginning of a new tradition, one where women strut into their divorce lawyer’s offices to finalize the proceedings in full length ball gowns, signing documents, and dropping the pen with an air of finality typically reserved for Kanye West’s mic drops.

What do you think of the “Emerald Divorce Dress”? Should divorce dresses be a thing? Are they already a thing? Help answer my questions (and add your own!) in the comments section.

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