Friendship Between Men and Women; Is It Possible?

FRIENDSHIP_LOVESome believe it is, while others are skeptical. So how can you know if your friendship will last—or if it’s bound to turn into something more serious? It’s true that friendships are as unique as the people involved, but there are still certain hints that can reveal a great deal about your true feelings for each other. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about a certain friend, then read on…

It’s friendship if…

You’re both taken
No need to tell you how simple things can be when you’re both in a happy romantic relationship—with other people. Misunderstandings and false hopes can be avoided, and the relationship will remain what it is: a pleasant, easygoing friendship.

You both talk openly about your love lives
If you stop yourself talking about the new guy you’re seeing because you’re worried about hurting your pal, or if the very idea of your buddy with a woman upsets you, then there may be more than just friendship in the cards. Friends, male and female, should be there for you to discuss your latest romantic interest, sharing in your joy and your pain. You should be okay with the idea that another woman can make your friend happy, too. If not, then you’re probably looking for more than just his friendship.

You’re in no rush to get together again
If you’re not waiting for his phone call, counting down the days until you see each other again, then consider yourself out of danger. But what if you think about him all the time, wondering when you’ll hook up next, fretting about what to wear and say? Then it’s probably not just friendship.

It’s love if…

You’re attracted to him physically
Attraction always threatens friendship, because that’s what distinguishes it from love. It’s up to you to define the limits of your relationship. Some people feel it’s possible to be intimate with a friend, others deem it unhealthy. There really is no standard that can be applied here. What’s important is that you both feel at ease whichever situation applies to you.

You spend hours getting ready for your get-togethers
Just the thought of going out with him is exciting. You spend the day in your bathroom, putting on makeup, styling your hair, and dousing yourself with perfume. If he’s really just a friend, then what’s up with all the effort?

You’re jealous of other girls
If this is the case, then be honest with yourself. Don’t forget that you’re just his friend. It’s normal for him to go out with girls, maybe even meeting his soul mate along the way. You need to be prepared for this eventuality. But what if the very thought of it makes you crazy? All signs point to the possibility that you may want something further than friendship.

Put up or shut up?
Communication is key in both friendship and love. Setting clear guidelines at the start can only benefit your relationship. Find out if you both feel it’s worth the risk to move from friendship to romance, or if friendship is enough. If you don’t share the same goals and values, it can be difficult to maintain any relationship, be it friendship, lover, or serious involvement. One of you will be hurt and the relationship could end with a spectacular bang. So talk about it together and find out if there’s common ground for you both. Isn’t that what friendship is all about in the first place?

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