Holidays: 5 places you may find Mr. Right

2With the stress of the holiday season—and the fact that it’s getting colder out there—you may think that finding the time to look for love is impossible. How untrue! The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to find a potential Mr. Right amidst your holiday shopping and party-hopping, and we’ve got five places to start your search.

The Mall
Shopping malls come with much stress due to the larger-than-
normal crowds, but can be the perfect place to catch someone’s eye. There are men everywhere—all you need to do is strike up a conversation! From the cute salesman whose help you asked for your brother’s gift to the hot guy waiting in that extremely long line in front of you, crack a joke to break any shopping-related tension.

Holiday Parties
We all have obligations such as family gatherings, office parties, and friends’ holiday shindigs. It can feel like a chore to go from one party to another, but it’s the perfect place to meet a friend of a friend who just may be your type. So don’t decline those invites! Put on your best outfit, have a drink and mingle with as many people as you can!

The Ski Lodge
If you’re one of those people who manages to squeeze in a little downtime during the holidays, keep your eyes peeled.  If you go on a weekend ski trip with the girls, you’re likely to meet a cutie on the slopes or relaxing in the lodge. Scope him out, grab a warm mug of hot chocolate and sidle up to him for a cozy winter chat by the fireplace.


Once January hits and everyone makes a resolution to find love in the New Year, an influx of new members will start appearing on your dating site of choice, which means more competition for you. Get a head-start on your search for love in December, and squeeze in a couple of dates when you have some downtime. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet that someone special just in time for New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve
Speaking of which, New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to meet men! That special someone may be on the lookout for someone to kiss at midnight too, so put on your hottest dress, dancing shoes and get your lips pucker-ready. What better way to ring in the New Year than with the potential for love in 2016!

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