Why We Fall for People Who Don’t Love Us Back

love_toxic_relatonshipDo you keep falling for the same type of guy over and over again? You wind up hurt, alone and wondering what happened. Why do you keep falling for the guy that doesn’t love you back? Toxic relationships are common for today’s woman, and it is vital to stop these destructive behaviours now. Long lasting love is possible, as long as you figure out what’s stopping you from finding happiness.

The bad boy
Are you a sucker for a bad boy, the one you would hide from your parents and never invite over for Sunday dinner? Well, it’s time to get over it. Your early twenties are meant for experimentation and working through insecurities, but as an adult, you are looking for something more. Are you looking for a husband and future father to your children? We doubt you, your husband and baby would fit on that motorcycle or in his parents basement. You deserve more. If you keep falling for the sexy loser who can’t hold a job, then identify the pattern and start looking elsewhere. You can find long lasting love, but just not in the form of an unemployed 20-something who won’t grow up.

Toxic relationships
Many of us are drawn to toxic relationships, often because we can’t identify them from the beginning and get out. People are often attracted to those that are bad for us, most of it stemming from previous relationships and preconceived notions of what true love is. If you are fighting from the very beginning, or walking on eggshells, it is time to get out.

The excitement
Roller coasters are exciting, but for two minutes, not two years. After a while you want off the ride. We are all drawn to excitement and danger, but this is only healthy in small doses. If there is drama from the beginning, then the best thing to do is get out while you can. Did you really like this guy for who he is, or did he just stir up a lot of emotions? There is nothing wrong with a fling now and then to keep you going, but falling for the same type of guy over and over again is bad news.

The thrill of the chase
Reality shows today prove that chasing after someone, especially when competition is involved, is thrilling. Often we lose sight of who we are really after. We all want to go after the rich, attractive doctor who lives next door. But this doctor is very popular, known for one night stands, and your friends tell you he’s a real jerk. But you still want him. Ask yourself why you are attracted to this guy? Is it more exciting to dream about being with them than actually being with him? Is chasing him safe, because you know it will never work out? The next time you chase after a man who isn’t good for you, ask yourself why?

The better you feel about yourself, the more likely you will be in a healthy relationship. You don’t deserve to be treated badly and to not be loved. Go for some counseling and talk to your friends about your insecurities. You may be surprised how much it may help.

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