Quiz: Are You Too Busy For Love?


Test how open you are at sharing your life

Singletons: they are a complex species. On the one hand, they dream of finding their soul mate, and on the other, some opt for staying late at work or parked in front of the television instead of making any efforts. How about you: do you think you make time for a chance at love? Take our quiz and find out!

What's your answer when someone asks you the famous question, "Why are you still single?"
Your friend suggests heading out for drinks after work, mentioning the abundance of hot men at the bar. You...
When was the last time you went out with the girls?
If a guy asks you to go out this week, do you have time to squeeze him in?
What do you do in order to meet new people?
When was your last date?
How often do you work overtime?
What does your regular Friday night look like?

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