4 Waterproof Toys for Getting Sexy Underwater

Are you a fan of improvised or private swims? Right now is the perfect time to benefit from the warm weather by jumping into your preferred body of water! Turn a relaxing moment into one of aquatic pleasure – trust us, your body will benefit from the refreshing intimacy. And come on, why not brighten up your swim? Here are four toys that you can completely submerge, without worry.


1. Limon by Minna. Versatile, completely waterproof, and it fits perfectly in your palm. The vibrations are activated by the amount of pressure you apply with your hand. Ideal for relaxing body muscles, it’s the perfect companion for a solo swim because of its discreet look.
Limon vibrator by Minna, $119 online.

2. FORM 3 by Jimmyjane. At first glance, we’re intrigued by its design. Resembling a tongue, its tip features a thin and highly flexible membrane that only serves to enhance its initial charm. By placing your fingers over the heart of the touchpad, it can act as a second skin; adapting to the contours of your body and fitting into sensitive areas like an extension of hands and fingers. Its softness and vibrational intensity will turn you on for sure!
Vibrator FORM 3 by Jimmyjane, $139 online and in select stores.

3. Ocean by Fun Factory. Thanks to its small, compact size this vibrator can slip easily into your handbag… or underwater! The two wave-shaped caps ensure dual stimulation, thanks to the different vibration modes that are sure to cause multiple waves of pleasure.
Ocean vibrator by Fun Factory, starting at $55, online and select stores.

4. Hula Beads by Lelo. Although their cute name reminds us of the famous Hawaiian dance, what’s really memorable about these vibrating balls is only partially due to their exotic vibe. We love the small, rotating tip (oh yeah, it turns!) that can be inserted for vaginal stimulation in combination with the vibrant core that manages to stimulate the clitoris simultaneously. If you feel like it, why not bring them both in at the same time to really hit your G-spot? Bonus: it includes a remote that also vibrates, allowing your partner to match your rhythm!
Hula beads by Lelo, $195.90, online and select stores.

Psst! Don’t forget that even though certain sex toys have a “waterproof” label, that does NOT mean that you can completely submerge them underwater. It’s only ones that are “100% waterproof” that guarantees that they’re completely submersible.

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