5 Naughty Finds That Will Heat up Your Nights

Any techniques we use to keep ourselves warm is good, but let’s just say that some are more fun than others. Libido wise, there’s no way we’re letting it hibernate during the cold season. What if the cold season was actually the hottest for your sex life? These finds will guarantee you some hot and steamy moments!


1. Discover the world’s smallest portable vibrator. With its coating that sticks to even the most delicate lingerie, it bends to perfectly fit to your curves and follow your movements. Gentle foreplays, long car rides or, for the bravest ones, boring work meetings, you now have the perfect tool to spice up your routine! It’s so small and discreet that you might even forget that you’re wearing it. The one who has the remote in hand will make sure that your pleasure is their priority!

Jimmyjane FORM 1, $159 in stores and at certain retailers.

2. Delicate and tasteful products represented by a girl squad, each embodying the essence of femininity. Our favorite? The Sophia organic soya massage candle. Coconut oil, jojoba and shea butter based, this candle emanates a mesmerizing smell. Even if intimate cosmetics have already proven themselves to us, it’s nice to (finally) have a packaging as glamorous as the product! What a shame we have to hide this in our bedside drawer. We almost want to leave them lying around!

Luz de la Riva Couture Intimate Cosmetics collection, between $18 and $70 online.

3. Sense of smell is often forgotten when it comes to eroticism, yet it is incredible how some scents can titillate us! LELO, the king of erotic toys knew that, and innovated it once more. Their latest creation? A scented vibrator for women! After all, we choose our naughty toys by their properties, but also their colors. Why not by their fragrances, while we’re at it? This little addition to the vibrator that perfectly fits into your hand is not imposing at all. Actually, it reminds you of the delicate smell of a candle. So are you more Lavender and Manuka honey, Rose and Wisteria or Bordeaux and Chocolate?

LELO Lily 2 Scented vibrator, $179 online and in certain retailers.

4. If “wrapping” type masturbators are so popular with men, they are often not reusable, and end up costing a lot in the end. Now, the Japanese brand Tenga had the brilliant idea to change that. The Flip Hole is a textured sheath that offers a broad range of pleasant sensations. Thanks to its three tactile choice buttons, the pressure and suction levels can be easily controlled. Unlike other products of the same sort, this one completely opens to simplify its cleaning after using it. Renewable pleasure!

Tenga Silver Flip Hole, $99,99 online and in certain retailers.

5. Fall means the return of hot baths. Divine! Fan of underwater pleasures? Forget the shower, Bubble Love is definitely the toy for you. It’s an intimate massager that strictly works under water. Producing thousands of small bubbles, it creates pleasant pulsations. All you have to do is sit back and let it relax you!

Bubble Love Personal massager , $199 online and at certain retailers.



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