A Recipe for Love

“Not tonight, I’m tired”. “No,I haven’t shaved”. “The kids will hear us!” We’ve all been faced with it at some point, the desire to escape our sweetie’s sexual appetite. If desire itself isn’t enough, perhaps your “excuses” can be dissuaded by certain pleasures on your plate!

Funny and unpretentious, we appreciate the catchy concept of this eBook, Re(sex)cipe: The End of Excuses for not Making Love, with each recipe ingredient acting as a response to a reason for not having sex. What makes it awesome? Besides the refreshing ideas, when you think about concocting a sex-press recipe for two, it makes dialogue about love-making possible. After all, may something else be hiding behind your refusal?

Although the effectiveness of aphrodisiac foods is still contested by many today, one thing is for certain: the complicity you create is stimulating in itself. Bon appétit!

$7.99 for Kobo and Kindle.

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