la Vie en Rose Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

A local company that celebrates its 30th anniversary is something huge, especially when we look at the history of the fashion industry of the last few years: many retailers closed down or completely revamped their brand. So when we learned that our favourite lingerie destination turned 30 this year, and even came out with a collection for the occasion, we were more than happy.

EN_INTERNALDuring a cocktail event, we had the chance to hear what François Roberge, president and CEO of the brand had to say about this milestone:

«Since the beginning of La Vie en Rose, the woman was our reason to be. Being able to accompany her daily whilst emphasizing her femininity is a privilege and the objective of all our efforts. We are very lucky for the fidelity that Canadian women have offered us. It is thanks to them that we are celebrating today. »

Really, the brand has something to be proud of. During that same night, we had the chance to get a glimpse at the anniversary collection. Beautiful! The key pieces and the bestselling items of the last few years have been taken and given new colours, navy blue and black, two very trendy colours. The collection reflects well the essence of the brand: the woman in her femininity. In brief, we love it!

Here are our favourite pieces of the anniversary collection:

Anniversary collection by La Vie en Rose, from $15,95 to $69,95 in stores and online.

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