Miss on the Go: when health, pleasure + technology meet

Sex toys that can be controlled remotely via mobile app: been there. But what we’re talking about here now, it pushes the experience even further. (Much further!) Passionate about sexual health and all things erotic, young entrepreneur Véronique Verreault had the great idea to create Miss on the Go, a fun and original tool focused on women’s health, as well as their sexual pleasure.

What exactly is Miss on the Go?


It’s a multifunctional vibrator made of medical-grade silicone combining health, pleasure and technology through its fives types of vibration modes, and its Bluetooth connectivity. What this gadget has to offer far exceeds the usual features of a sex toy. Our recap of this revolutionary product.

1. It allows for perineal rehabilitation

Miss On The Go is a discreet and quiet portable gadget. Inserted like you would a tampon (it measures about 12cm) and able be worn at all times, it allows the wearer to have better awareness of her pelvic muscles, thanks to the Kegel method. This consists of a series of exercises that help tone the pelvic muscles that have weakened due to the hormonal changes that come with childbirth or menopause. This interactive vibrator connects to the mobile application designed by Montreal studio Mobilogie via iPhone and stimulates the body, rewarding it with pleasant vibrations. Not a bad reward, right?

2. It makes long distance relationships easier to bear

Of course, when thinking of a vibrator that’s controlled remotely, we imagine the possibilities when we think of our SO controlling it from the other side of the room. But what about when it’s controlled from the other side of the globe? Not a problem: all you need to do is connect to the social network tied to the app to spiced up your evening!

3. It allows you to connect with potential lovers (or not)

If the idea of entering into a virtual relationship with a stranger makes you cringe, know that it’s a practice that’s increasingly common and that the market for this kind of relationship is truly well and present! For the more adventurous lady, the Miss on the Go app offers a list of nearby users who can make you vibrate with pleasure, with just one click. This could definitely bring dating sites to a whole other level, perhaps?

Visit Miss On the Go’s Indiegogo page to pre-order your vibrator for $95, which will then hit the market (in May 2015) for $169.

For more information, visit Miss VV’s Mystery’s website.

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