Squeeze That Lemon!

Simplicity meets pleasure


As far as sex toys go, there is no shortage of options on the market. Certain items stand out because of their ergonomic shape, and some, for their surprising versatility. For others, it’s quite simple: everything is there! Limon by Minna is the very first programmable vibrator that can memorize your preferences. Let it guide you to the point of no return to the rhythm of a pattern you’ve customized yourself! Simply record your session and let yourself be stimulated by the softness or intensity of the vibrations you’ve selected. On top of being super cute, this erotic toy offers couples both freedom and spontaneity. There are no buttons or remote needed to control the power or speed of the vibrations: just squeeze Limon with your hand. So intuitive!

Minna Limon vibrator, $119 online.


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